Friday, October 24, 2014

New Place, New Face, New Space




I'm doing different things but continuing this blog in a different format. 
Thanks for visiting my site. You're going to love this. You'll be able to find my old Little Liza Jane posts there too. 

No I won't be writing here anymore. Stay in touch via mississyogi, a wellness site for everyone. 
Thank you for your support. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

You Live, You Learn

One day this week, I thought to myself: Wonder if anyone still reads my blog? Lord knows this mommy has really lost contact with the Internet world. Though surprisingly, not with Instagram (so wildly addicting, it's weird. Haven't witnessed this much Internet social frenzy since 2005 and the beginning of the Facebook days. Remember all that?).

I decided to check on it. So four days later, here I am. And guess what, my precious darlings? 
You've been visiting!

So I have to write something! Good times here are not forgotten.

Why come back, right now, in the middle of the end of summer and start of fall, right when everything is as busy as ever, with little boy just about to wake up and stomach grumbling and books to read and things to do?

Because there ain't nobody who can procrastinate like me! 

But there is such a thing as good procrastination...creative procrastination, useful procrastination that results in high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) which might be exactly what is needed to get the job done, whatever it is. 

Here's the thought that's been on my mind: Yeah, I may be an idiot, but at least I'm out there! I might be asking stupid questions, but at least I'm curious. I might not have it all together, 
but at least I'm honest about it. 

I might fall out of arm balances, but at least I'm doing them! Falling on my face in parsva bakasana has never been more refreshing. Oh yes that dust on my living room feels nice on my cheek. I'm just glad I'm not in front of everyone at a studio, and if I were, I'd laugh a little too hard and shake it off.

Who knows? Maybe next time I'll stay up.

And motherhood? Damn that's a whole other deal. I'm learning my ass off in that all-consuming part of my life. Lyle's first ear infection was last week, and I looked like Medusa from staying up all night panting over his crib, basically chiseling wrinkles into my face. 

That boy deserves an extraordinary family life though, and I'll be damned if my stubborn ego gets in the way. I've got a lot to learn. And so a lot to live.

Salud to you this weekend!

Stupidly but smartly,
Liza Jane

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tighten Up

I'm tightening up to get back upside down and right side up.

I'm banishing my kangaroo pouch and the little black line that goes with it. 
Well, the little black line is more stubborn (scrubbing it down, crazily, has not gotten me anywhere), that lower abdominal pooch--while accepted, loved, and respected for a while now because of that bright, white, big-eyed, beautiful, bald boy that came via the biological fanny pack--has become my most petulant nemesis overnight, seeming to threaten my youth and vitality and strength and everything that goes with it. 

Not only that, I am back teaching now at the recreation center and the spa. 
I could use some core strength for real. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is not what yoga is all about.

But right now, it is a huge motivation for me to put my stomach where my mouth is. That didn't sound right but you get the point. 

My first big class back was 8 weeks out from the big epoch episode of the birth of my son, which I won't tell in case some of you out there might want to get pregnant and have a baby some day. Everything is going to be completely wonderful for you, I promise. I am not in any way being sarcastic because I do understand sometimes my tone takes a smart-ass turn. I really mean that. Let's just say that God taught me a lesson I needed to learn about trust and control. My attempts to have a natural childbirth taught me I have to trust people and that I can't control things to turn out the way I want them to. Everything was great and safe and now I have a little angel man. 

Back to the point: abs. My mother was the first person in my life that make me think about abs. Because she had them. She probably still does. I bet she was born with them actually. 
She was chiseled like Athena. 

Although vain, I wanted abs too! Then I lost them and didn't care about them. Then I start doing yoga and they came back, and I said hey, that's great. 

Then I got pregnant, and they were gone within 2 months. 

But they are making a comeback. Like I was about to say, my first yoga class was in Nashville at Shatki Yoga--started by Kelly and Lauren Farina. Learn about the studio here: It's a beautiful space on Music Row with a hot room and a regular room. I did a class in the hot one. In a sunny spot. Forgot water too. The only thing to cool me was a lot of sweat and little breast milk (this blog is just so appetizing, isn't it?)

Later I was high on a post-yoga workout and walked under this tree and thought I'd take a picture because it was so pretty.
It was awesome. I felt so good. Probably finally sweat out all those hospital drugs. Hell, I felt like a girl again. A girl working on her core. I definitely didn't get up into a tripod headstand,
but I surprised myself. 

Suddenly, I was back on the mat every day, working hard or at least kind of working hard. I wanted to go back to work, both at the places where I teach yoga and Turnrow, the bookstore. I wanted to wear a bikini at the lake, on the beach, or maybe just in my house with a big T-shirt over me. 

What could I drink or eat? Of course, any time I get serious about accomplishing something in terms of my body, I drink green tea. Green tea is the go-getter of the antioxidant-rich, herbally-minded nutrients. It works every time.

Why? It's thermogenic. It burns fat. It contains ECGC which a fantastic antioxidant, ridding the body of free radicals and toxins. And toxicity is a problem with fat. And fat is a problem with toxicity.

What yoga poses could I do though? Dolphin plank was the main one. Still is. I hate that pose so much that I love it. Like I hate green tea so much I love it.

And of course, leg raises and yogic bicycles, but also... headstand. Those will work your core like no other. It will actually work your whole freaking body. The trick is to tighten up to lighten up. So you don't collapse on your neck and head and break something or everything. 

I told myself to pull it together, woman. Then as an effect of trying to pull my life and stomach back together, I became a yogi again. Realizing in a lightbulb second that I had also lightened up emotionally as well as physically in my attempt to tighten. 
Tightening yourself up will lighten yourself up. 

Fast forward to my first class back at teaching yoga, it was all right. I felt no anxiety about it. 
Why? I was light because I was tight. Everything was all right. 
Power is a soft thing that comes from the core. 

Liza Jane

Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby I Love You

I helped to bring the following stud muffin into this world. William Lyle, my prize. 
And we shall call him Lyle.

This is he. 9 weeks old on Sunday. He is more active than I am. He kicks, stands up on our laps, moves his head all around. He's long like his daddy, impatient and emotional like his mommy. 

Little Bear was 9 lbs. and introduced to life outside of me through almost 29 hours of labor. Definitely the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. Definitely. 

He has already met some of his cousins, friends, aunts and uncles. He's been to Meridian and Nashville, and on his way to Oxford this weekend.
And we discovered he is a charming little thing. 

He loves shapes, my milk, his swing, his carseat, and his choop. He makes wonderful noises, some loud and big, and some sweet and soft. 
He has a plentitude of facial expressions, each cuter than the next.

I can't wait to get him out of his crib every morning. 
To see what he looks like, acts like, how he's changed.

Life has changed. 

Alas, that is all I have time to write. 

Liza Jane

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Waiting In Vain

Something tells me my patience will be tried way more than this.

So I'm like, get used to it sister.

I'm over here thinking about spicy food, castor oil, sex (who isn't?), nipple twisting (who is?), walking, primrose oil, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, yogic squats (goddess pose), pressure points, and whatever else I can possibly find in my research of how to start a labor. 

Now unless the doctor is waving Pitocin at me 1-2 weeks after my due date, why am I trying to rush this poor baby? Already telling it to hurry up, let's get going.

Not how I want to start this relationship. It's just that I'm so excited. Not only to see how things turn out, know the sex, but to know this child. The suspense has been killing me for almost 10 months, 
carrying this kicking and punching bundle and wondering. 

I'm just so damn ready. On every level. So excited too. 
And would just straight up like to get this show on the road because my back hurts and also my pelvis and pubic bone. And I just get so dang tired.

But more than anything, I'm tired of holding my baby in uterus. I'm anxious to hold her/him in arms. 

Very attractive picture Will took the other night. Bigger than a boat.
BUT it's not up to me, is it? Life and God and baby choose 
when and where the whole thing goes down. 
My first big act of parental surrender is now. And now is the only time to do it.

So while I'm doing this or that, mind in the future, waiting on my baby and body to do something, I'm missing all these pre-mommy seconds. Spending time with my husband alone, smiling at and loving on my dog, reading and writing. All things I could be giving over my presence to 
instead of wondering, waiting and wishing. 

Like I said, not how I want to start off this relationship.
No more "Hurry up! You're going to be late."

"Whenever you're ready, baby. There is a right time, and you know it." As I take a deep breath, feel my body from the inside, and enjoy this beautiful day, this beautiful moment. 

It will happen in its own perfect time. No more waiting in vain.
The most challenging time to stay present is now. 

"Concentrate all your thoughts on the task at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."
-Alexander Graham Bell

Liza Jane

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello Sunshine

"Gah, what's that bright-ass light in my face?"

Oh. It's the sun. Hello. I'm so glad to see you, sunshine.

Thanks be to God. For real. I was spiraling downward, taking my grown fetus and husband with me.

To make things even more beautiful this morning, the sun is melting the ice that froze every blade of grass, every limb of every tree---pecan, crepe myrtle, cypress, oak, etc. 
Every bush, every berry, everything. 

As a prize for enduring the darkness and ice, the sun is shining through the prisms of glass adornment on nature, crystals dripping, raining down little sparkly diamonds.
The sound of rain in the brilliant sun, everything shimmering like an overdone dinner party out there--the trees with their white, stiff wigs melting. 

I can't get enough of looking at it. Right at it. That's where the fun is. 

I do realize that all my pics are of my backyard now.
Makes me want to go put on some jewelry and walk around with lipstick on. But of course, keeping in my sweatpants and huge T-shirt, because let's face it, these are the only things that fit/are comfortable to wear for me. 

For a lassie who's just about freaking 10 months pregnant, I am just recklessly in love with this scene, sitting by the fire, and completely inspired. Staring at my little, warming Narnia in the Delta. 

I haven't written in a while, and might not for another while. But I'm feeling the love this morning and sending it to you, if anyone still reads this blog about nothing. 

And my thought for today: Observance. So much to stop and stare at. To observe and see. I want to notice. Not only the sunshine, affecting every little thing. But hold steady to thoughts and emotions too. Dig in, scoop them up with sunshine, melting these things like crystals, softening the hard. 

We shall see. Can't wait to say hello to my own little sunshine thing. 

Liza Jane

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love The One You're With

What does it require to love the one you're with? Not speaking about who you're in a relationship with, not who you're married to, not who you're seeing or hanging out with, not who you've been loving from afar or have something weird or complicated with. I'm not talking about romance. Never been a big romancer. 

I mean the person you're physically with, who might be at the table next to you, at the next desk, who is on the other end of this phone call, who you're looking at, working with, driving next to, past. Your teacher, your student. Your friend, your lover.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of thinking that everyone I come into contact with is having the worst day ever. Not only that, I used to trick myself into believing that they had the hardest childhood ever, and someone was threatening to sue or kill them. I know that last part was a little dramatic. Only a little. 

But it helped me to remember that everyone is scared. And probably a little sad. Or a lot sad, which is not hard to see and know.

I heard once that everything that people do is either motivates by fear or love. That everything is in constant battle between love and fear. You're either walking toward love or fear. And only love can overpower fear. And fear can actually be seen as a lack of love. And fear comes in all shapes and sizes including anxiety, stress, hatred, depression, anger, control, etcetera (basically every negative experience or emotion). 

So if you pretend everyone is a scared child, even if they're being an ass to you (out of fear), the only way to help the situation is to love. 

How? It's just an outpouring of your energy: a smile, a well-wishing, a silent blessing, a compliment, a loving thought, an observation of any goodness you can see or sense. Or perhaps just attention, just being present with the person, listening.

It's not easy. 

Nobody needs to hear this more than me right now. All pregnant and fussy, hot and bothered but not in the good way. For real hot and bothered, as in physically uncomfortable and irritable. 

I have to keep remembering what I know. What I feel is right...totally, completely, finally. 

And so much to freaking love. 

Let's all try it. One person in our line of fire at a time. To love, to uplift. 

God help us.

Liza Jane