Friday, September 19, 2014

You Live, You Learn

One day this week, I thought to myself: Wonder if anyone still reads my blog? Lord knows this mommy has really lost contact with the Internet world. Though surprisingly, not with Instagram (so wildly addicting, it's weird. Haven't witnessed this much Internet social frenzy since 2005 and the beginning of the Facebook days. Remember all that?).

I decided to check on it. So four days later, here I am. And guess what, my precious darlings? 
You've been visiting!

So I have to write something! Good times here are not forgotten.

Why come back, right now, in the middle of the end of summer and start of fall, right when everything is as busy as ever, with little boy just about to wake up and stomach grumbling and books to read and things to do?

Because there ain't nobody who can procrastinate like me! 

But there is such a thing as good procrastination...creative procrastination, useful procrastination that results in high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) which might be exactly what is needed to get the job done, whatever it is. 

Here's the thought that's been on my mind: Yeah, I may be an idiot, but at least I'm out there! I might be asking stupid questions, but at least I'm curious. I might not have it all together, 
but at least I'm honest about it. 

I might fall out of arm balances, but at least I'm doing them! Falling on my face in parsva bakasana has never been more refreshing. Oh yes that dust on my living room feels nice on my cheek. I'm just glad I'm not in front of everyone at a studio, and if I were, I'd laugh a little too hard and shake it off.

Who knows? Maybe next time I'll stay up.

And motherhood? Damn that's a whole other deal. I'm learning my ass off in that all-consuming part of my life. Lyle's first ear infection was last week, and I looked like Medusa from staying up all night panting over his crib, basically chiseling wrinkles into my face. 

That boy deserves an extraordinary family life though, and I'll be damned if my stubborn ego gets in the way. I've got a lot to learn. And so a lot to live.

Salud to you this weekend!

Stupidly but smartly,
Liza Jane