Friday, May 4, 2012

Shake It Out

Okay so pretend that that last post was Thursday's and today is actually today's. Because I wrote that one Thursday afternoon and never got to publishing it because all this happened yesterday afternoon and evening. Or if you don't care about the simultaneous entries then just relax and don't.

We didn't think we would make it to hear any Jazz Fest music on Thursday. SV and I had no idea we would make it to see what you might call the most magical show I know I've ever been to. I have nothing but good things to say about our afternoon adventures yesterday.

It was a bit of a cloudy day. It was supposed to rain. And when we got to the fairgrounds, (in record timing by the way), the sun started to come out. 

Lots and lots of people. Florence + the Machine about to start. 

She's wonderful!

I am such a huge fan. Especially after having seen her live. She knows magic. I can't stop listening to her music now. Hypnotizing. 

Another sky shot. 

You can tell from my overextended fingers how excited I am to see this performance. 

So happy. All the people around me (except for these other two girls by my side) thought I was a lunatic. But you know what? I don't care. It was so awesome I had to dance. I really don't care what anyone thinks when it comes to dancing. 

Shake it out shake it out!

Sun shining on SV!

After Florence, we listened to a band called the Iguanas, who were good too. SV dancing with the hips and the hippies. 

Loving the people watching. 

I try not to miss sunsets no matter where I am. 

Afterward, we went to Amanda Talley's place. She is a New Orleans artist. 

I loved everything about her art and space. We were there to feed her dogs.

Entrance hall of her place. 

Oh yeah...

So much fun for me. I couldn't decide which one was my favorite. 

Her newest one. 

SV feeding Phil and Zippy. 


Then I chose my favorite in her gallery. Some day...

Phil. Made me miss Jacksey. Wonder what he's doing right now? 
Today at the pool. Just kept looking up. 
Also got to see Grace Potter last night at the House of Blues. Blew me away.
Gearing up for more music tonight. I couldn't ask for more, but I know there is more.

Liza Jane

Living For The City

So I've decided to make all my post titles the titles of actual songs. Starting now. Yes, I love this.

I'm in New Orleans. So inspiring here. I can't believe I only have to drive a small distance to get to a place like this. Therefore, I love the Delta even more.

I went to a friend's yoga studio this morning. I walked to it. That, in and of itself, was amazing. I'm staying with SV in the warehouse district. We also walked to a venue to watch music last night: Honey Island Swamp Band and Papa Mali. Divertido.

Reyn Studio on Magazine. Such a wonderful space to practice. So much fun to see a friend's goal materialize. My teacher was great. Loved it! Beautiful yoga happens here. 

I got to visit with BL (Reyn's momma) and she took me up to her studio. I'm so happy this happened because I had been wishing to see some art, and BL is the most solid there is. 

BVIZ pillows (SV's mom). Check it out: She is also incredibly talented like everyone around me in this town. 

I liked this one a lot. 

Couldn't get enough of her studio. 

As a writer, you have a bunch of papers and books and maybe some pens scattered about on a desk, maybe a floor. Perhaps, you have some pictures and paintings to inspire you. And a cup of tea.  But it must be fun for the visual artist to have a bunch of funky pencils and paint everywhere and canvasses and easels and all kinds of art stuff everywhere. Where creativity gets messy. I know a writer is like a painter of sorts. But this just looks like so much fun. To be a painter or a potter! 

Really loved the bottles of beer on the wall. 

Every time I have come to BL's studio, I adore this mirror. So I took a picture of it, and I knew his was going to happen. I am aware of flash. I thought this was cool. 
The River that shaped the place I live in. Awesome painting. 

City life. Life is Art. 
Having so much fun! I have heard the best music and have been around the best people. There's a true sense of city solidarity here. The people are fantastic everywhere you turn. Truly blessed these last few days.

Liza Jane

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Happy May 1st!
Looks like what the first day of May should look like. A day to spend the morning in the yard.

Ok so here is my elusive vegetable garden. See all that green all over the place? Weed city. In the front over there are supposed be my tomatoes, but they look like distressed yellow spindly things, leaves wilting away. Every now and then, there's a random squash plant that's thriving. A couple of the eggplants look healthy. One okra plant is hanging in there. Basil is shot. The cilantro, suprisingly, is keeping up. Parsley has already taken the dive. Most of the melons have passed. The pumpkin thrives over there. But overall, the whole thing is questionable.

And then the seeds I planted are ready to go! The row you see most vividly there is  the row of lima beans. Beyond that, my row of corn popping up. Those are the eggplants closest, in front of the beans. All those green little plants? Oh that's just weeds and grass--really bad for your garden. So do something about it, you say? I am out there every day on my hand and knees inhaling worms and pure Delta dirt. I have ordered some stupid organic weed and grass killer. All it killed was 25 dollars in my pocket. 

Jackson doesn't like it when I water the garden every day. He tries to get as far away as possible because he knows I'll spray him on purpose because I think it's funny. I love a newly mowed yard. 

There's a bird's nest in my birdhouse. You can't see, although I tried, but there's three little tiny blue eggs in there.

Oh the GARDENIAS! Could be my fourth favorite smell in the world!

There's so pretty too. I wish computers could elicit smell. 

One more. I can't get enough. 

Jackson sprints toward something. Ha

Flower garden might be doing worse than the vegetable garden. Zinnias, of course, are the leaders of the pack in this bed. You can see they are the brightest color over there, yellow and orange. The knockout roses are trying hard, coming in second. Most improved for sure. 

You know I got to get a Magnolia tree in here. 

That white is so bright like a light in the night--such a sight. (Pardon)

Jackson runs back over--he sees me aim for the screen door. 

He'll be damned if I get there first. 

Then I see my bright blue bird checking on his eggs, making sure I didn't take any.  By the way, there is a hummingbird at that feeder. 

Orchid is in full bloom. 
Sigh. I love the month of May. Excited it's here and greet it with open arms. It's usually a busy and beautiful month. Hate to leave home, but I'm headed to New Orleans in 10 minutes. Although it's wonderful here, right now I feel the pull of music and friends and fun. New Orleans is the place to find that right now. Somebody think of an invention that allows you to be in two places at once.

Liza Jane