Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Summertime

In the summertime...

I stopped blogging! I could blame on this on a few factors and so I will. But let's not waste any more time talking about coulda, shoulda, woulda! I've been pretty dang busy, and although I know everyone has been checking every day waiting on pins and needles for me to post for 4 months, there is nothing to cry about. I have lots to share with you. All of it beautiful...

A little recap of this summer as it closes to an end. I will allow one phrase per picture to explain all of the below: my personal events in this rich, most fabulous of all seasons. Here we go:

SV's Golden Birthday with Weird Candle Tricks--I Don't Know

Jackson's Haircut

Lake Bruin Luncheon

Baby Face

Nephew Bernie

Road Trip

Father on Father's Day at Father's House with Husband

Get Me Out of Here--I'm Hot

A Holiday Celebrating the Independence of Our Nation

Birthday at the Cabin

I'm Leaving--You Coming?

4th of July Water Mischief

Scary Slip 'N Slide Situation in my Backyard

A Blues Band on the Patio

A Come Hither Look


Grand Finale in the Backyard

Born on the 4th of July


A Little Silly Tenderness

Family Lake Day

Watermelon Love


Watch Out Where You Step

Someone Has To Go Get the Ball


Even More Comfortable

Captain Caption

First Anni on the Beach

That's Pretty Pretty

Granny and W Playing Keep-Away

Ended Up Here Somehow

Ate Lunch Here with the Girls

Malibu Barbies

Illegal California Flower

Roadtrip Elephant Seals

Roadside Coast Stop

Clint Eastwood at Our Service 

Lovely Carmel

Santa Cruz Cruise

Lighthouse Obsession

Hippy Happy

Record Shop

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Still Smell as Sweet

In Front of A Foggy Prison

That's Supposed to Be Golden--Where Is It?

Union Square Love

Home Again

Tennis Ball Obsession

Not So Obsessed with Baths

Am I Putting Too Much of Jackson On Here?

I Don't Care--Such a Good Subject

A golden lake birthday, a family trip in Georgia, a happy Father's Day at my dad's, a huge 4th of July, a peaceful anniversary beach trip, an all-girls California road trip with college friends, and my home. Not photographed because of my absent-mindedness to go get my camera/bring my camera with me/get the camera out of the car are a trip to my family farm in Arkansas, a fun riverhouse spend-the-night with other college friends, and most recently, a birthday trip to Nashville to see close friends and family. I'm 26 now.

Oh yeah, and the Olympics and a hurricane that just left here.

I'm back, my little blogging audience. Let's open up to a new chapter. I know it will be better than before.

Liza Jane