Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time of the Season

Just your typical non-violent yogi dressed up in camouflage. 
It's that time. The respite from the frenzy is over. Hunting is back. Summer is drawing to a close, and the drab and dull greens, beiges and browns of camo are creeping out of our closets. Dove hunting is the first perpetrator in a long line of seasons that devour and consume the mind of every man in my area. 

But you know what? I embrace. Look at that happy face. Am I faking it? Well, it was 97 degrees so maybe a little bit. But as I've said before, W loves it. He is impassioned. So as his other half, I choose to well... offer no resistance this year.

But it was crazy last year during our first year of marriage. All of a sudden, I was not getting a whole lot of attention. There were times when I thought hunting would be the end of me: the other--albeit more manly, less colorful, smellier--woman. Plus, I was going through this huge transition from city to country. And the men in my family liked to hunt, but not like this. It was a huge change for me. Plus, I was newly vegetarian and really not sure how to fit that into this lifestyle.

Women of the Wild.

Now look at me. My mother-in-law and I were out there. Although, she actually was shooting, while I just sweat and drank more water and then socialized by the trucks. No complaining about the sweating. It was a good detox.

It's a special tradition that goes way back for my husband's family. I was glad to be part of it.

I'll still be me, aiming to sweat out toxins instead of shooting at things. But I offer no resistance to W's passion. I embrace it all with open arms this year. It makes him happy. And also I am opening up to my own passions.

Beauty Everywhere. 
In yoga, they say the pose starts right when you want to come out of it. Why? Because that's where real transformation happens. I spoke to a very dear friend recently who is going through some changes. Change hurts. It does not feel good. Well, sometimes it does. But it lifts you up. Last year was a hard year. As a result, I feel like I've been renewed. There will be many more changes because it's life. Seasons change, time change, people change. But it's all for the best. It's all part of an unfathomable loving purpose.

Growing pains are presented by life all the time. Surely, we can't say no to life?

Liza Jane