Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Somewhere Only We Know

It's a blahg. Just blah. I mean, I'm talking about grocery shopping. 
Well just hang tight. We've got some big stuff coming up around the bend. 

Last weekend we went to see my grandparents at my family's farm in Arkansas. 
Canadian geese.
This little family above was eagerly waiting for my grandmother to put out seed.

Secret hole. About 17 people in the world know where this neat little pond is. That morning, it was 65 degrees. I kid you not. It was shocking. 
Jackson all excited--outside cousin Eric's house. He loves Eric and Allie.
Will about to tube down the river.

Rock collection. So the rock thing is genetic. 
View of my grandparents' place from the cabin on the hill.
Blog's been blah. Been a pretty busy summer. Pretty too.

But I send you my utmost peace and love, even though I don't have much creative energy. It happens. 

Liza Jane

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