Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Doves Cry

Rain? Not much. Men? Yes they're everywhere, and they're freaking out. 

Labor Day weekend in the Delta = men in  a frenzy about football, hunting, golf or maybe all 3. If you're a woman blessed with a man who relishes all 3, God help you. 

The men in my life are pretty happy right now for a number if reasons.

The weekend started with some Rebels taking over some Commodores in a terrible ship I call Vanderbilt stadium. I mean the place is like a ship for real. No one can get out, no one can get in, it's hotter than hell, and good luck going to the bathroom or finding something to drink or eat. Needless to say, after a very close fight, our team won, and my father above is a blissful man.

So after that, I finally came to the moment I've been waiting for--I met my nephew. The most beautiful human being I've seen yet. I cried immediately. And love him immensely. Oh pregnancy. But a part of me knows it's not preg. It's family. Check out my brother in a football/golf coma. Looks like Will's got some daddy going on.

Most likely though, football is the only common denominator while golf and hunting usually take seasonal shifts depending on the man. We all know this one over here will take hunting over a pot of gold or even a bowl of lucky charms. 

But look at how far this girl has come. I was like, "I'm so zen from all this yoga in Bali, I just want you to be happy and celebrate this youthful, free time in your life." And then I called some friends and told them to come up and get dirty!  If you can't beat 'em, join me. 

Hot and pregnant and wearing my husband's  humongous clothes.

It was hotter than hell. The Vanderbilt stadium had nothing on this dove field. A little girl time doing boy things. And this pregnant lady did not wimp out.

And then one of us--Sarah got one!! She was more excited than I am with a chocolate milkshake! It was a big moment for her, and I'm happy to be a part of her happiness. 

Anyway, good weekend. Good start to the week. 

A whole bunch of bliss flying around in Mississippi right now. It's that time of year.
Liza Jane

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