Friday, October 25, 2013

Cry Baby

Emotional release.

I'm so good at it. Always have been. I was a cry baby as a baby, and I was a cry baby as a girl, and now I am a cry baby woman.

Especially now. 

People don't even notice when I cry anymore because I do it so much. Especially lately. 

Here's the deal: Some people are really emotional, and some are not. So deal with it. I don't understand people who don't cry, and they don't understand me. Yet it is this mix of these two kinds of people that makes the world go 'round.

For an already cry baby, pregnancy hasn't helped. Someone could tell me about a bad haircut they once had, and I would have a tear. A friend could break off a piece of her cookie for me, and the faucet would be running.

Things move me way too much. And you know what? I'm okay with it. At least I can feel. I'm okay with being human. An extremely sensitive human. A human with an alien-like sense of emotion. 

Finally. I am entitled. I don't feel weird about the fact that I cry during sonograms. There's a tissue box there for a reason. When I saw this baby, my cry baby came out. The technician just smiled at me. 
She's seen it before. 
For once, I'm not crying or laughing at very inopportune moments. It makes sense now. 
The perfect excuse.

What a cute face. Looks like Will. Already putting baby pictures up. Lord have mercy.

If you don't feel like letting your emotions fly around like a hurricane in public, 
there are a few great yoga poses for private release. Unless you're in a studio full of people. 
But it's probably going to be as acceptable to cry in the studio as it is in the sonogram room. 
It certainly is in my classes.

Courtesy of
Frog. Mandukasana. 

A lot of negative emotion is often stored in the hips. Women especially do this. When you push this energy away, refuse to feel it--it must go somewhere. It is usually pushed down into the container of the hips, usually the widest area of the body. 

The first time I did this pose for over 5 minutes, I cried like a baby. Surprised? Neither am I. I felt like a fairy when I was done with frog. Light as a feather. 

The wisest people in the world say that real strength is letting yourself feel, letting yourself cry. Strength does not look like someone biting their lower lip, remaining calm. I think strength looks like a wild woman, crying her eyes out, howling and moving, having the courage to feel what she's feeling. 

I love being a cry baby. I respect other cry babies too. 
Liza Jane

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