Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Spring Break

I took a little Spring Break. I just felt that you deserved better than fuzzy cell phone pictures. I know that besides the writing, pictures are the most central component to a blog. A little two-week spring break, and I'm back in business boys and girls.

Things get so busy for everyone in the springtime. Everyone is starting up the whole garden process here in Mississippi. Me, I mostly do a whole lot of thinking about it and procrastinating. I don't want to talk about it, but I'm a little unorganized and frustrated with my late start this year. And spring just ran up behind me and surprised me and said "Yeah, it's already the end of March, where have you been?" And I said, "Shut up, Spring! You are early, and I have been busy! But thanks for coming, I have really been enjoying you this year. Quite a show you are putting on." It's usually still cool this time of year, but I don't think I have felt a chill since the middle of February.

I don't think I've been as perceptive about spring in the past. Maybe it's because my creative juices are being juiced because I started this blog and figured out that writing is my passion. Maybe it's because by the compassion of my dad and husband, I was gifted a beautiful "fancy" camera to document this process. Maybe it's because this is my first spring here in the MS Delta, and I think this is probably the most sensational place to watch spring being sprung. Maybe it's all of them. Spring always came in second for me, as far as seasons go--but I am reconsidering this, and maybe most everything else.

So everyone knows that sunsets and sunrises are stuff of unfathomable beauty. I don't what it is. Here in the Delta, they are the best in the world. Yes, I said the world. Like better than Jamaica, Hawaii, Switzerland, the Florabama. A complete day is a day where I catch both of these moments. And when I tell you that I've turned watching both into some sort of ritual out here, I am in no way ashamed of that. It's my prayer time, as best as I can manage for what's going on around me in terms of household mambo jumbo. It's my quiet time if my farmer hasn't been doused with diesel or arrived with a dead turkey. With this Nikon fancy machine (apparently they are called Mommy cameras--wasn't ready to hear that one) I've inherited, I am a sun and earth addict.

First sunset on this camera.
Little Blue Suckey Tail, which is my new not-so-clever name for her because she sucks her tail, and I thought she would have stopped by now. 

Budding pecan tree.
Our weekends have been very laid back and grandfatherly lately. I like it. I'm not going to pretend I don't. But last weekend was a riot. We went to our friends' wedding in Indianola (town about 45 minutes from here). It was so much freaking fun! I love it when you have a fun time, and didn't even expect it or mean to. And plus, I got to hang out in a new little Delta town. Indianola has a lot to offer too. The reception was at the B.B. King museum, and the Crackerjacks (I think?) were rocking. I danced my shoes off. I literally lost my shoes.

Then we went to the Blue Biscuit, which was also so much fun. And guess what? I love Indianola. Good place. I'm a huge B.B. King fan so I am all about it.

Sunday was an unbelievably gorgeous spring day. It was W's brother's b'day so we had a wonderful lunch with the family at River Hills Country Club in Jackson. When we got home, everyone was waiting to get on the Better Deal (husband's huge pontoon 1970s pontoon boat). We were all looking for a nice day on the lake. But guess what? The thing was ravaged by a tornado two years ago and hasn't been the same since. So it was a nice day on the pier, while the boys slaved over the Better Deal engine.

Cypress leaves  growing in.

W, LT, and MR working on the engine. I had been going out with W for a couple of weeks when he bought this boat. I was driving to his house, and he was a few minutes behind me on the highway so I pulled over at a gas station to wait and follow him because I didn't know my way around those country roads at that point. He drove by waving with a big smile, dragging this huge broken down boat behind him. He had just bought it. I was shocked, and thought "this guy is nuts, but really cute." 

That ball is like tobacco chew for Jackson.

Looks like we caught something! Oh, just a stick.


Getting pet with a chew in his mouth on the pier.

I don't really have to say anything here. 

Better Deal has seen better days. 

These two cousins look a lot alike. One time, at a friend's house, LT had his sunglasses on, and I was making eyes with him, thinking he was W. Then I got mad because he wasn't responding to my flirty eyes. He was really weirded out, and it wasn't until after he spoke up, that I realized it wasn't my boyfriend. 

Sun making its descent. 
Cypress knees.

Heaven, I'm in Heaven.
Time to give up and watch the sunset.

There she goes.

Sunrise the next morning over the lake. 
Sunset that day. Looks like a tornado of beauty (a little slice of cheese).
And another sunrise! 
 Well, I have to go do some more procrastinating and useless worrying and thinking about my garden. Going to Jackson or Greenwood today for some essentials.

Hope you have a happy happy day, wherever you are!

Jiza Lane

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