Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mississippi Mamas at McCarty

There's a lot of Mississippi mud around here right now. And that's because it did not stop raining until 10 last night here yesterday. So you guessed it. No gardening yet. It's too wet. But the planning to plant continues.

Speaking of Mississippi mud, I had an eventful day dealing with mud yesterday. My mother-I-L and sister-I-L, baby niece Margie and I went for a drive through the Delta together. We ended up in Cleveland, MS, which is another really cute town in the Delta. And then we ended up in Merigold, MS which is the home of Lee McCarty--half of the visionary couple that started this famous Mississippi mud pottery. 

I received some wonderful pieces as wedding gifts. I have cups, bowls, vases from McCarty. And I enjoy every piece I have received. They are so simple, yet so dreamily elegant. It really inspired me to get to go there. Then I met Mr. McCarty who is so kind and gentle and energetic--he is a true presence. It is not just a shopping stop. That place is Delta tourism at its finest. 

Sweet Margie makes me have baby fever really bad. 
Some day
I will come in here
and buy anything and everything I want. (Except for these paintings by another famous Mississippi artist--not for sale, but we definitely asked).

Their signature is the brown  line you see on one of the plates. Mississippi River.

Wine set that looks like so much fun. 


Sister-in-law loved that purple painting up there. 

Coffee cups for W.

Their shades of turquoise and blue are so fun.

I made this guy awkwardly pose here. He was a good sport. 

I love those plates with the big signature on them. 

Neat set-up on an old staircase. 

Loved this saint statue and shells catching water.  
They escorted me through the garden. They are always this hospitable, but I think they may have thought I was a journalist with my Mommy camera. 

Green and happy. But not too landscaped. 

Loved this table, and the pieces on it. 

Fun chairs. I imagine the McCartys (Lee and Pup) sitting on these chairs talking. 

I was shown a secret room

with beautiful little ceramics. I love this frog right here. 
A garden with sub-gardens and secret gardens is the best kind of garden.

And bamboo! With a pond!

With flowers

And art.

So some day, I will
have a garden that giggles like this one.

And pathways. 
And even old chandeliers--this one is particularly special. 

And pigs.  
Budding roses. 
God rightfully showing off. 
I was once again overwhelmed at this point. 

Driftwood from the River. Mr. McCarty likes to collect. 

More flowery pathways. 


Lee McCarty caught me in his secret garden.

He was so nice and fun. Then showed me his mossy fountain. Look at that color of green..

Then took a pic with sister-in-law and baby Margie. 

He loves babies. 

Touring the garden. 

3 generations. 

Hanging ceramics. 

Margie sitting in a pot. 

On our way out.

Willy the Friendly Fish

Margie's first trip to McCarty--mine too. 

But she's hungry now. 

So cute. Mr. McCarty gave Margie a little prize for coming to see him.

And so concludes our day at McCarty. It's a special place, and I highly recommend this fun stop in the Delta. Put me another step in the right direction. 

I loved the simplicity and elegance in McCarty's work. Simplicity--easy beauty. That's all anyone really wants, isn't it? Let the rain wash away all unwanted excess. With only Mississippi mud left to show.

Amen. I am thankful for the inspiration. And thinking of my friend Caroline, who is the next royalty of Southern ceramics. 

Liza Jane

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  1. Thanks for the shout out BUT so jelly beans!! McCarty is such a cute old man. Amazingly talented man. Oh how I would have loved to have been with you 3. Thanks for the inspiration sister.