Friday, May 4, 2012

Living For The City

So I've decided to make all my post titles the titles of actual songs. Starting now. Yes, I love this.

I'm in New Orleans. So inspiring here. I can't believe I only have to drive a small distance to get to a place like this. Therefore, I love the Delta even more.

I went to a friend's yoga studio this morning. I walked to it. That, in and of itself, was amazing. I'm staying with SV in the warehouse district. We also walked to a venue to watch music last night: Honey Island Swamp Band and Papa Mali. Divertido.

Reyn Studio on Magazine. Such a wonderful space to practice. So much fun to see a friend's goal materialize. My teacher was great. Loved it! Beautiful yoga happens here. 

I got to visit with BL (Reyn's momma) and she took me up to her studio. I'm so happy this happened because I had been wishing to see some art, and BL is the most solid there is. 

BVIZ pillows (SV's mom). Check it out: She is also incredibly talented like everyone around me in this town. 

I liked this one a lot. 

Couldn't get enough of her studio. 

As a writer, you have a bunch of papers and books and maybe some pens scattered about on a desk, maybe a floor. Perhaps, you have some pictures and paintings to inspire you. And a cup of tea.  But it must be fun for the visual artist to have a bunch of funky pencils and paint everywhere and canvasses and easels and all kinds of art stuff everywhere. Where creativity gets messy. I know a writer is like a painter of sorts. But this just looks like so much fun. To be a painter or a potter! 

Really loved the bottles of beer on the wall. 

Every time I have come to BL's studio, I adore this mirror. So I took a picture of it, and I knew his was going to happen. I am aware of flash. I thought this was cool. 
The River that shaped the place I live in. Awesome painting. 

City life. Life is Art. 
Having so much fun! I have heard the best music and have been around the best people. There's a true sense of city solidarity here. The people are fantastic everywhere you turn. Truly blessed these last few days.

Liza Jane

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