Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Are Family

Had a really good weekend last weekend. Will had to finish up peanuts. I've already blogged about the peanut craze going on around here. So I took off to Oxford. And oh my. What a brilliant weekend--friends and family, the weather was just...remarkable. Meaning, I have to remark about how great it felt outside. 

And the trees? They were... I'm trying to think of a word to describe the beauty. It was arboreous bliss. Honestly. Those trees are dying and shining. One tree was lit up (and I don't mean there were lights) in orange at night. Standing under it, you felt like you were in a see-through, orange dome. I don't have a pic of that but I've got some great people instead. 

My dad, my big brother and me. At the Ole Miss/Vandy game this past weekend. I'm proud of these two...
My brother KB's company! 
As one might expect, I do look up to my brother. But as of late, there is even more to look up to. He's an inventive entrepreneur! He has created a new kind of drink--xylitol infused drinks that are orally good for you. A sugar that's good for your teeth? You better believe it. Only a dentist... 

My little cousin-niece Sophie.
In addition to the chaps above--Chip, Eric, Jenny, Paul, Allie and little Sophie were among the family I got to be with. Plus, old friends were all over the place. How lucky does one girl get? And little Sophie has gotten so big! She is my sister-cousin, Jenny's little girl. I remember when she was just a babe..sweet thing. 

Yes, we lost. But the day was not a loss. I got to see some people I don't get to see very often. And that was worth the tremendously shameful, emotional roller coaster ride, let-down of a shame game that we witnessed. We should have won. But everyone sees where we are headed, and it's a successful place. Lost the battle, not the war. 

So smile.

You might cause someone else to smile and wouldn't that be worth it? Hell, it makes me feel better when I'm by myself. 

Liza Jane

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