Thursday, April 18, 2013

Traveling Light

Yeah right. I wish.

I've never traveled light in my life. My suitcase is always at least 10 lbs. over the weight limit. And man, it's annoying that they charge for bags now. They'll break your bank if your over the weight limit too.

I aspire to be a light traveler. My friend and co-traveling companion, Harper taught me her secret to packing light. She rolls all of her clothes and stuffs them into a carry-on size. I looked at her like she was doing a magic trick. Still, it's the fact that I bring more stuff. I believe it's what I pack, not how I pack that impedes me. 

Friends Jessie (left) and Harper (right) with me on a road trip last summer in California. That was during one of my blogging breaks last year. I didn't get to tell you about that one. No need to cry, I'll tell you some stories from that trip. Although, you really don't get a whole lot of stories from any trips. But it's like, who has time to blog when they're on the trip. And then who feels inspired afterwards when they're worn out from the trip? Nobody. Though if I did blog about them, I'm sure they'd be the best. 
Everyone's suitcase was huge. Except Harper's and it fit right in the back seat between the two people who happened to be sitting in the back. 

This is all just one of my tangents. This post is actually not about traveling or packing (although I am doing some hopefully light packing today--destination will be revealed this weekend). 

I'm reading this book by certified nutritionist and yoga teacher (dream jobs to me, yes) Kimberly Snyder. It's been awesome--Beauty Detox Solutions is the name of the game. Anyway, she says to eat the lightest foods first. Because health, energy, and beauty are all about digestion. When you free up the energy used in digestion, you get awesome skin and hair and apparently become this major badass. Cape and all, you start flying.

To me, it's the whole traveling light theory. So fruits, if you are going to have any, need to come first. In fact, fruit just needs to be eaten by itself. First thing in the morning. Wait 20 minutes before you ingest any other goods. Then it's greens and vegetables. That's why you get the salad first in a meal. It leads the way to fiberously (made it up) clean the intestines before the rest of the stuff gets in there (plus, has added enzymes that greatly help with digestion since a lot of enzymes are spent in that process). Then she says go with the grains, then the starches, and then animal protein if you want to clog your pipes for good. I'm just kidding. But really. So light to heavy. 

As I'm reading this, I'm thinking, "Okay, so I do need to hire a cook and a server for all my 3-course seasonal, organic, local meals."

But it's not about being perfect. Like with my packing, it takes baby steps. So tonight, while I cook my potatoes, I'll snack on a little cucumber. Wait, actually I think that's a zucchini. I had to type zucchini five times before I got the spelling right. One time, in seventh grade, I won a spelling bee on that word. Anyway, I'll be eating my zucchini and packing only one nightgown for my trip tomorrow (while dodging a tornado apparently). Baby steps. 

Imperfection is so perfect, isn't it?

Liza Jane

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