Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Blogging from my phone...not sure how this will go. But so far so good. Really technology has gotten so amazing.

Here in Denver, riding through snowy mountains, twisting up into higher elevation. It's gorgeous and now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It feels like it too, might I add. I'm so layered it takes me a half hour to use the restroom.

We got into Denver late Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning) and had a great day with our good friend Baker in Denver and the outskirts. Boulder is a fantastic town, and we had just enough time to walk up and down Pearl and spend way too much money.

Then we drove up over the town and look a good picture on a mountain. Then we headed back to Denver to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, which was so wonderful for me. I really really like Van Gogh and have appreciated his work ever since going to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. So fun!

Jessie and Harper got off work, and we had a decadent Italian meal at Osterio Marco on Larimer Square. The BEST quinoa salad I ever had EVER! And the butternut squash pizza- not bad at all.

So so unbelievably happy to be with some close friends. Friends who know exactly what you're thinking from the look on your face ...a lot of laughter, fun, comfort and joy.

Feeling the love and feeling very good! I pray you are too.

I just looked up! We're in Vail! Got to open my eyes now. Have a beautiful weekend!

So happily,
Liza Jane

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