Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Prudence

Prudence is the ability to govern or discipline yourself with reason. There's the vocabulary lesson for the day. 

One time long ago, in a land far away, I think I might have had this quality. Then, like a Forest Gump feather on a breeze, it drifted away from me. And I didn't notice because I was too busy daydreaming, staring out my window, and thinking about random stuff like what I would say if I met Oprah.

My goal for about a year now has been to get into a routine of some sort. Get up at 6, yoga for an hour, write for an hour, get going, tend to business, kick some booty, and then win a couple of awards. But guess what? It's going to take more than saying I'll do it. 

Jackson and I need a little more structure. He's actually got more of a schedule than I do. 
It could all be for a very good reason. I mean I live on a farm, have a part time job...every day is different. Could it be part of the transition phase?
I might have to go through this dreamy phase before I get into the action phase. But I feel the action phase kicking in. 

Dear Prudence, 
Please save my professional life.

Showing that discpline! Upward facing dog!
Anywho, another thing to work on. 

Ha, now I'm staring out the window thinking about the Beatles. Wonder if John Lennon was thinking the same thing I am?

Liza Jane

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