Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Vibrations

Have you ever walked into a room, turned around, and walked straight out of it?

Something going on there wasn't quite right. You could tell from the creased foreheads and mean gossip. The frequency you were on was simply not the frequency of vibration in that room so you needed to leave. 

Sunrise this morning. 
Or maybe you were on a lower frequency, sulking about like a porcupine, and you walked into a room where the people in there looked like they were having a gay tea party from the Victorian era, being very polite and laughing like there was no tomorrow, perhaps waltzing about the room. Nope, need to leave this room too. Where was that room with the creased foreheads?

Lately, I've been thinking about vibration frequencies. If everything is energy, then everything is vibrating at different frequencies.

Is it possible to raise one's frequency? And if that is possible, is it true that we can raise the frequency of a room with a low one? Maybe we can raise the frequency of the person we happen to be talking to at the moment or the person with whom we spend the most time. 

Just something to think about...

Light it up, raise it up.

We went to Compass Bowl to watch the Rebels play in Birmingham last weekend. Glad I got to see a few family members and friends. Now I'm happy to be home and working to raise the frequency.

Liza Jane

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