Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Affair

Another road trip, another fantastic family gathering.
I know the photo below is a repeat. It is kind of weird how fanatic we are about this creature:

Loves to rest his head out of a window.
We almost get in wrecks looking back at how serene Jackson is when he does this. He's so zen.
 And oh, the magic of a pet-friendly hotel. Although I'm sure the scene below was not allowed.

Will hit it off with my family, whom he could not get to know at our wedding.
I said, "You're going to fit right in with my mom's side of my family. They're all big and tall, happy and laid back."And before I knew it, I had no idea where he was. He literally blended in with all the men. 

Football on the beach.
Aahh, yes. Welcome to the world's luckiest fishing village.
GrannE and her six children. My mom is the only short one (front, pink dress).
At Ashley and Mike's ceremony
It's a family affair. 
Gettin hitched. 
Standing around after the wedding. 
Will on a paddle board. By the way, I don't mean to brag, but I did it.
I did it for at least ten seconds. I was in Downward Facing Dog on the paddle board for about seven seconds. I read an article about yoga paddle boarding, and thought, that might be a nice way for me to conquer my fear of waves. I saw my opportunity and took it.  

Happy Mommie. I don't write that much about her, but she's a special woman, and I'm thankful to be her daughter.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig. 
As seen above, no matter where you go, sometimes home is the best place to be. That sunset over the bay got nothing on this sunset that greeted us when we got home. As soon as we had finished unloading the car, the torrential downpours began and a storm lulled us to sleep. 

As I said, nothing like a good rain in June. There's definitely no place like home either.

Liza Jane

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