Monday, June 3, 2013

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I pronounce this week NATURAL GROCER WEEK!

At least on this little blog about nothing.

I'm not going to sit here and act like I like grocery stores, at least not the Krogers and the Publixes. 
I was talking to my mother-in-law who said she gets mad if she has to go into a grocery store in a rush, because she enjoys it so much, and I was saying that I was mad I had to go in there at all.

But on the bright side for people like me who get hives when they grocery shop, there is a more pleasant, interesting alternative. 

I was a toddler when I started spending time at a natural grocery and co-op, called, understandably, Rainbow Natural Grocery and Co-op, and maybe that's where I was given the seed of my passion for wellness. But really, back then, I was only interested in Barbara's Cheese Puffs, which I still can't resist today. And they aren't good for you. But they're natural so whatever. We do the best we can.
Tight parking lot = great place. Although you might get stressed trying to find a spot for your vehicle, there is no doubt you will relax once inside. It's the energy.
 I remember that energy from when I was practically a babe. Calming, relaxed, present. You might say it was the laid-back attitude of the semi-hippies in the store. And I would say, you are right. Every business's energy is comprised of the people involved. That energy either attracts or detracts, plain and simple. 

To the left, the door to High Noon Cafe (vegan seaside
cakes on Fridays). To the right, the door to Fair Trade
Green. Compuer Co-op to the right, and Rainbow Grocery all aglow
 and lit up straight ahead.
So this co-op has, since my cheese puff days, grown and changed in a number of different ways. There was the move to the swanky Fondren neighborhood in central Jackson. The addition of the computer co-op, and the little store with fair-trade goodies and books called Fair Trade Green. Also the genius High Noon Cafe, which is where I have lunch with my dad every other Friday. 

There is a supplement room for the healing of health-conscious, free wheeling naturalists like me. Also, a deli. Bulk foods. Natural health and 
Mississippi's largest organic, natural grocery as of now. Consumer
owned and operated, dedicated to low-cost organic living.

beauty products (I bought some sunscreen that definitely saved my life), sheesh, I could go on. But we've all got things to do so:

So anyway, here's my point: the world is changing. But this place has been around since 1980. It was a child prodigy of the organic movement sweeping the country now. 

And I just want to say, let's support these places of our communities that are and have been dedicated to the health and happiness of the citizens around them. 

They were born out of the loving wish for a healthy, thriving community and a happy, sustainable planet. 

Deep down, that's all anybody wants: health and happiness. But health is the first wealth. 

Liza Jane

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