Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Natural Woman

Every time I see a conscious business, it blows my mind. Hence, Natural Grocer Week.
You know I gotta talk about it. 

I don't care if I'm in New York or Yazoo City, the intelligence of it makes me so freaking happy.

One day, someone said, "Hey, Liza Jane, you should know there is a health food store that just opened here in Greenwood. Since you're such a health freak, wannabe vegan and all."

They actually didn't say the latter mean part because most everyone here has tried to be nice to the new crazy girl in town who drives like a mad woman one second and gets all zen the next.

Anyway, you just know when a business is a good business. It's an energy thing. Someone in there truly cares. Someone in there is fully passionate about it. Someone is bubbly, bright and will talk to you about it all. That someone is Lisa. 

Lisa with her granddaughter.
All a business needs is one person like Lisa. Enthusiastic, real, and always trying to make you feel good, whether by organic, non-GMO food, or by just being super friendly. She is everybody's friend.

And the Whole Foods Store in Greenwood is the place to be because of her and her products. Everyone needs to know about eating consciously. 

So for me, my weekly stop-in at the Whole Foods Store is something I look forward to, not just for the roasted pumpkin seeds or well, let's be honest, the Barbara's Cheese Puffs (people change, but at the same time, they really don't), but also because Lisa is a friend, of the earth, of Greenwood, of mine.

The Whole Foods Store in Greenwood. Yes, I do realize this does not do justice but whatever.
I'm not a photographer, I told you this. 
Delicious ice cream and frozen foods, bulk foods, produce, natural/organic sweets (which are a problem for me), oils, etc.
Just ask Lisa.

That should be a Greenwood slogan. Somebody start working on the bumper stickers. 

Liza Jane


  1. I no longer live in Greenwood...however, I am so happy to have found Lisa and her store since I don't live too far away!

    I totally agree with your post. Lisa is such a bubbly personality and willing to go the extra mile to help a person get whatever they require for their healthier lifestyle!!

    I vote for the bumper sticker, too!!

    Just ask Lisa!!

  2. Just ask Lisa! It's catching on.
    Thank you for your comment Dee! So true.