Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birds of Paradise

Hola! Tengo unos momentos antes de mi clase (I have a few minutes before my class --and I don't feel like typing in Spanish anymore) so I thought I would write and tell you what's going on in Costa Rica, at a place called Pura Vida (which means pure life). We are in the mountains of Costa Rica, not the beach. And I love it.

Yoga: The workouts have been the hardest I’ve been through, but I made it—it was ten times more rewarding. Try a heated room like Hot or Bikram Yoga, but with the power yoga sequences and a little longer (if anyone reading this knows what that's like, you know, but if you don't--it means you are sopping wet with sweat afterwards but feeling surprisingly good). I’m learning a lot of stuff about a lot of things. I'm learning some really valuable things about life through my education here too. It's been a true blessing for me to be here. 

But let me just tell you how MAGNIFICENT the food is: fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fresh coconut, fresh everything! Straight from the back yard. You knew I was going to show you a picture of food, didn’t you?

This photo and my photography skills (which I definitely need to hone) do not do the food justice. Picture of my plate last night: pineapple salad with shaved coconut and fresh Mexican salsa, polenta, a sort of stir fry with peanuts, asparagus, carrots and some other unidentifiable light green vegetable, fresh salad with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and an onion vinaigrette, black bean soup with a wheat roll, and a coconut chocolate chip cookie. Whoa momma. Every single meal is so delicious you honestly forget who you are for a moment while taking it in. And all the meals are different, but I have come to expect the same sort of thing--fresh and organic and so healthy but so tasty. Just how I like it!

For someone who is a health nut, this place is perfect. 

Oh and don’t even get me started on the homemade peanut butter. Crunchy and fabulous. You can tell someone actually sat there and mashed up peanuts with some kind of instrument and then added a tiny bit if sugar and salt. All I can say is incredible. On that awesome bread with nuts and berries in it? Worth every penny just for the food.

But it’s not just the food. It’s everything. The people (employed here and here on retreat and teachers) are good people. And the grounds? I snapped a few the day I got here:

This is a banana tree. I know it's upside down but it won't rotate for me in my little picture gallery, so just tilt your head and let's pretend I'm being artistic. 

I got lost and had a nice hombre show me the way to my room the first day. I didn't mind being lost in this place though.


It's amazing to get to see flowers this time of year for me. This is Costa Rica's summer. I told you I was a summer girl. I'd even chase it down.

Another upside down. Again, pretend I'm being creative and just look at it sideways. 

Sunset on my first day.

A flower called the bird of paradise. 

There are lots of them here... Loving every minute! 

Have a great rest of your week. I'll try to write and post more pics later but we have a busy schedule. Teacher training. 
Much love...

Liza Jane

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