Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So the news: I am going on my honeymoon, and I will be in Hawaii for the next 18 days. Sorry to those of you who thought I was going to announce I was pregnant or something like it. I guess that would have been a lot more exciting. However, that is just not in the cards right now. Because I'm going to Hawaii! And for you, this means some darn good pictures and funny posts.

Anywho, W and I have been married for exactly half a year. 6 months ago yesterday. We decided to do this to avoid having a farmer and hunter being stressed out and eager to get home during his wistful romantic getaway with his new wife. We got married at the beginning of harvest, and couldn't do it during hunting season, and seasonal depression says February is the right time for flight time.

Yet, to my pleasant astonishment, it is spring here in the Mississippi Delta. 73 degrees, sunny, blue partly cloudy skies, birds all over the place, flowers...spring has sprung in January?

For some reason, when we made these plans to leave for Hawaii at this time, I imagined that we were fleeing the clouds and frigid cold, bundled up, a grey sky above, maybe some cold and drizzling rain as we ran screaming from our house with our bags. I thought we were going to trick winter, thought we would escape and laugh at winter and say, "Not this year, old man!" But instead, winter has played with us and has completely disappeared. I'm a little more shocked than the others around here, but I'm also a newcomer so that's to be expected.

I'm happy that we don't have to leave Jackson and our loved ones in that kind of weather for sure. But all the animals have been fooled by this fake spring. The geese are back.

When I was still dating W, these two geese came every spring and laid eggs in the backyard by the lake. They showed up this morning. The mother, I think, is laying eggs up there. The dad is strutting around acting defensive. I love this goose couple. They are so bold. Not only are there alligators in the lake, but how do they know the humans that inhabit the house won't walk up and steal their eggs? I guess they have no choice but to settle somewhere close to the lake and obviously it has to be on land, but they choose this same spot every year.

I'll tell you why they aren't scared: they're canadian geese. And they are serious about protecting their young. At our family farm in Arkansas, I was attacked. When I was really young, I was just walking along the pond minding my own business when out of nowhere, I was attacked by a goose. I actually don't remember whether or not it was canadian, but it was a goose. And it was scary. Its wings flared out, making a great loud honk. I swear it was taller than me for about 7 seconds as it ran after me, and I was 8. I guess I was close to its nest.

So I will never go anywhere close to the geese by the lake. But I'm glad they are there.

I know it's hard to see the two of them, but they are there. My camera wouldn't zoom in enough, and you know I wasn't going to walk too close. Honeymooning in the backyard. 

And also the little birds are back too. Our feeders were full a week ago, and today we had to fill them back up before we leave. I love watching the birds eat from the feeder outside my bathroom window. Springing up everywhere.

So we are leaving tomorrow early in the morning from Jackson, MS. Maui for the first 10 days for the official honeymoon and then we get to meet up with Bob and Carly. Bob is Will's cousin, and Carly is his lovely wife, and they know some wonderful people who are happy to take us in for a week after Maui. We will be on the Big Island with Bob and Carly.

I've never been so excited about a trip before in my whole life. I can't believe it's here. I'm going to see whales, and flowers, and the Pacific Ocean, and hike, and scuba dive. I'm so blessed! And so ready! Well, not totally, still have some laundry and packing to do.

I will be writing so it should get good after we get over the famous Hawaii jet-lag.

Have a great night! Safe travels! Take care.

Liza Jane

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