Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parkes & Rec

The greatest show of all time? No, I'm not thinking Seinfeld or Law & Order, I Love Lucy or Sex & the City, although those are definitely in my top 10. I vote Parks & Recreation the world's greatest ever (or at least at the moment).

I don't really watch TV, but when I do, it's on Thursday nights because of Parks & Rec and for about 30 minutes in the morning just to see some news so that I know what's going on in the world out there, and also to watch football with W, and oh yeah, there are some shows on HBO I love (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and I would love to watch the Travel channel (need to tell DirectTV to hook it up) and yes, from time to time, I love a good movie (but there haven't been a whole lot of those lately). Okay, actually--it looks like I watch TV.

But Parks & Rec is my favorite thing that I watch. Please tell me you watch it. If you don't, please promise me you will. I laugh out loud many times when I watch it, which if you think about it, really doesn't happen super often. Usually we all laugh inside at sitcoms, if you will notice. Laughing out loud can be rare while watching comedy, and it should happen all the time. Because it feels so good to laugh.

I wish I had a T-shirt that says Knope 2012 on it. NBC should definitely sell them, if they don't already. Leslie Knope really does inspire me.

Goofy inspiration.

Speaking of which, NBC has got it going on. Now that 30 Rock is back too, I don't know what to do with myself. Yes, I'm a 30 Rocker--and also a pretty big fan of Up All Night, which is a pretty darn funny sitcom too. Even Whitney is pretty good, well actually, I'm not a huge fan, but it can be catchy. I haven't seen The Office in a while, but I'm sure it's going strong. I should probably check on that--really haven't seen it in a while.

It's weird that I've turned onto NBC. I've always been a pretty strong Good Morning America/ABC follower. And now I even turn on the Today Show sometimes while I am making my almond butter covered wheat Eggo in the morning.

So that makes me think I'm just a Diane Sawyer fan who is way too busy at 5:30 at night to watch the ABC World News. I'm pretty much converted.

All my life, I have leaned to the ABC side of things, and now I prefer the peacock. I think it was Tina Fey. Ever since I read her book (great book--book funny as it gets), I've been starting to cross over. She is very pro NBC, well obviously she should be. But now Good Morning America isn't relevant to me anymore. And I am a Tina Fey fan.

Just looking at her makes me laugh. 

Why did I even start liking ABC more than NBC in the first place? Was it because that's the network my mom prefers? Should I check out what CBS has to say? No, I'm definitely changed and committed to NBC.

I've always been a comedy type of girl. The way I see it, there is enough seriousness going on. I need to get a good laugh in, and I'm lucky to say I actually get good homemade laughs in the natural way, but everybody needs more. I don't think I watch anything unless it's funny, unless it's an emotionally moving movie, or Leonardo DiCaprio is in it. In which case, you know it's going to be good. What? He's only in good movies. He's a really good actor. Seriously, that's why I like him.

Isn't it funny that my generation of women was so in love with Leo when we were girls? That whole Titanic thing was a revolution when it happened. We were all crying at the end because it was really sad, but mostly because Leo died, and Kate survived. I was sick of seeing his poster on my friends' walls and binders, yet I had a 6-foot collage of his face above my bed and slept with a picture of him under my pillow. The former is a hyperbole and the latter might be true.

I think we were all pretty relieved when that whole teeny-bopper phenomenon and rage was over. All of a sudden, Leo was out of sight for a long time. And just as sudden, he was back on the scene. This time, he is sophisticated, handsome, and pretty mysterious. He was also in really good movies that make you think, and for the first time, we all said, "Hey, Leo is a great actor." He's more respected than crushed on probably. Good for him. You know that's what he was going for when he disappeared for a while.

Well anyway, now that I'm off my rant about Leonardo DiCaprio (random), my point of the day is to never underestimate the power of laughter. My face is shining from all the chuckling I did tonight. And voila! I don't have a cold anymore (granted it's been slowly easing off in the last couple of days since I've been sleeping a tad more and starting taking vitamins again). I highly recommend Parks & Recreation. And NBC should pay me for this blog post.

Liza Jane

PS: Thinking I need to reduce my watching, because I just wrote a whole post about rival TV networks. Eye-opening behavior.

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