Thursday, May 16, 2013

Move By Yourself

Don't stop doing what you believe in... 

I love being a yoga teacher. I thought about it for 2 years before I decided to do what I love.
And I still think that you have to have passion and purpose in whatever you do for a living. And I vow never to give it up. And I don't know why I start so many sentences with "and."

I'm a committed woman, but not a static woman. My life ebbs and flows, and I want to stay right there with it. Sometimes, life's a high maintenance little prissy pot who says you're more needed elsewhere.
Because I respect the high maintenance prissy pot, I go where it tells me, trying to love it all the while.

But my students can't come.  

I teach people in 3 different towns, ages 4-74. 

Yazoo ladies lunching after practice one day last March. 
And I love all of them. What I intended when I started this was to awaken people to their bodies, perhaps open them to new ways of thinking, connect them to the moment.

I did not anticipate the relationship of teacher-to-student--an added bonus track to these experiences. It's no mother-to-child type of deal, but there's definitely something special going on in these rooms.

Each class is different, and I appreciate the effort of everyone who comes. It's got personality--Mississippi Yoga.

Yoga Yazoo, where I teach yoga in Yazoo.
But for me and my students, it's important to have a practice outside of class. 
For me, my practice isn't complete when I teach because I talk and look at the class while I'm teaching, sometimes walking around. There's no total breathing and complete focus on my body. For my students, they need to have ways to get centered. Yoga can be done on the spot when you're in a hot spot: walk away, get into a quiet room by yourself, do some Surya Namaskars to get into your breathing and let the emotion go. Meditate on each movement, do your favorite poses and breathe.

If I'm in Nashville, and they're feeling stressed, they might be able to go to another teacher, but if that's not available, there needs to be a backup plan. Get on your mat, move by yourself. 

A way that I've done it in the country out here: YogaGlo, So many great teachers. Great way to move by yourself.
Mississippi Museum of Art--where I teach a group on Friday mornings.
I'm beyond blessed to do what I love to do.
And to move by myself. 

Liza Jane

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