Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Built This City

On rock 'n roll.

It's a treat to live in the country, to live in the birthplace of rock 'n roll now. I'll be talking about the Delta for the rest of my life.

So I'll have a few words now on the place that countrified rock 'n roll, 
because it was a treat to be raised here.

Been seeing a lot of turtles sunning on logs lately. Taken at Radnor Lake, a nature preserve/park in the middle of the city. 
Big, small town. That's what Nashville is. Just like in Yazoo City, or Greenwood, you can't go somewhere without seeing somebody you know. That girl knew you in elementary school, that guy knew you in high school, the woman you used to work with.

Waterfalls at Radnor.
It's really green. Really beautiful with parks like this. Another favorite is Percy Warner, one of the best parks in the United States I'm pretty certain. But on the other side of the coin, you've got the culture and urban life to tap into.  

The courthouse downtown. This isn't that good of a pic I realize, but I simply felt the urge to stick my cell phone out of a passenger seat window. At dusk. And that's how this bad picture happened. Now you know. 
Music, music, music everywhere. Of course. Lightning 100, the best radio station in Music City.
It may seem like I'm trying to promote it, like I'm trying to get people to move here to boost the economy. But I'm not. Because there are so many people here. And the economy, from what I can tell, is on the up and up. So please don't move here. If ten more people move here, I won't be able to drive down Hillsboro Road again without pulling onto the shoulder and screaming into a brown-paper bag.

Smiling cheek to cheek.
MB and Catherine

There seems to be some kind of major influx, a deluge of citizens pouring in to this city. They're all a bunch of hipsters too. This place is being seriously hippefied. You know I'm not going to say anything about hipsters though. Because I have shades of hip: I like the music and festivals, I wear colorful sneakers, own a turntable, buy records, and I'm not a fan of wearing skinny jeans, but I do it. Because society is demanding. I like society though, so whatever.

New people, new big-ass convention center (above), new movie stars and musicians. Check. We're all set. My friend, Mary Brette is a hotshot at this new giant of conventions. It opened on Monday night with rock 'n roll, and fireworks.
Being a child of this city, and seeing all this growth, all these new things and people, I'm really excited. Downtown's exploding, 8th Avenue is turning into the new 12th South, 12th South is turning into the new Green Hills, Green Hills is turning into the new Belle Meade, Belle Meade is staying Belle Meade.   Never will change. 

Sylvan Park is spreading its wings as the new cozy little neighborhood, Germantown is the neatest place in the city, and East Nashville is about to be packed with young families. You've got the greenway, a walking trail that basically spans the whole city. Bad neighborhoods get taken over with good people here. That's magic. That's what we all hope for everywhere. 

It's no Pleasantville. Bad stuff does still happen. It's just that everyone focuses on the good. I can't see the bad through all the new restaurants, businesses, beautiful weather and nature, young and hopeful people, old and sweet people, middle-aged and merry. Even the jerks aren't that mean. They try to be, but there is so much development and happy springtime. 

I might be a bit sentimental. Surprise, surprise. But I love this town because I can run into people who can go way back with me. And also be in a totally new city.

"The butterfly counts not months, but moments, and has time enough." -Tagore,
a plaque on my favorite bench at Radnor.
So here's to the present in the place of my past.

Liza Jane

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