Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rock Steady

I'm going to talk about Aretha Franklin, again.

What it is-what it is-what it is
Just kidding. I love Aretha Franklin, but I'm actually going to talk about rocks. Wait, don't go yet. You just might be able to benefit from this one. 

I have a thing for rocks. Again, sit tight for a second. 

Yeah, I'm going to come out and say that on the Internet, risking sounding like an 8-year-old. 
I used to have a thing for socks, and so now you're probably glad that's not the case anymore.

If I find a pretty rock, I'll never let it go. You'll most likely find a pretty rock somewhere in my car or on a bookshelf. Because of my sentimental tendencies, they are often related to some kind of memory or moment or place or maybe they just look weird.

I can blame this habit on my mother, and whoever the blurry-faced person of my memory was who taught me to look for "Indian money" or arrowheads. My mom always seemed to take rocks from some place that meant something to her, like a loved one's grave or a trip. One time, she made me keep this rock we found by a lighthouse in Michigan. I guess that's when it all started. But at that time, I was like, "Great, now I have to lug around and hold my pants up while this huge Geode battles gravity in my pocket."

You have to wonder why certain people feel an affinity for certain things. Like why feathers? Or horses? Or pancakes? If it's pancakes, don't think too deeply, you just like pancakes. I'm there with you.

So as I have been reading and mulling over Kimberly Snyder's book, The Beauty Detox Solution which has been enlightening so far, I have's minerals! I've been a health nut the whole time. The whole rock thing? It's not because I secretly haven't matured past the age of 8, it's because I am extremely health conscious!

So yes, finally, this post is about minerals! But wait! Before you exit your browser and slap your laptop closed in disgust that it has taken me this much time to get down to the point, let me share. You've been with me this long, might as well stick it out to the end, my loyal and faithful friend, whoever you are. Sometimes I just want to know who all of you are. Somebody's been looking at this.

Anyway, minerals:
-95% of your body's activity involve minerals
-Certain enzymes, which are the catalysts for hundreds of different processes in the body, including digestion and the renewal of skin cells and collagen (huh?), depend on the right quantities of trace minerals being present in the body
-Water and soil, absorbed by plants is how you get these minerals
-Top minerals: Silicon (hair thick, great skin, strong joints), Zinc (rebuilds collagen in skin), Iron (energy, healthy blood), Magnesium (opens up detox passages in body, vitamin D conversion), Potassium (maintains fluid levels, crucial for eliminating wastes), Calcium (strong bones, good posture)

Yes, it was a nutrition preaching, and I lured you into learning (evil cackle if you wish).
Beautiful rocks, thank goodness for 'em.

So eat plants, grow plants, love plants! Nuts, seeds, herbs and roots too, which are plants so you get my point. You can't go out there and eat dirt. Got to have plants, as many as possible. Minerals, baby. Oh, and do get organic with all that. So you get as many minerals from clean dirt and water as possible.

Liza Jane

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