Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Extravaganza

I know I've said this before, but I am happy for the people who surround me now. I have actually always been happy about the people around me my whole life. What I mean to say is: It could have been really bad. I could have moved out here and have been swarmed by people with whom I just do not get along. But I have been swarmed by really kind-hearted, gracious loved ones of my husband. And they have turned into my loved ones too. Here's a little Easter album for your enjoyment, or at least mine:

W and I went to the in-laws for an Easter supper on Friday night. That's Pop, sister-in-law and baby Margie getting tickled or maybe the piggies are going to the market.

This is sweet Bowen running up and down the corridor.

And again!

Having too much fun...

One last time! Bumping Mama.

Sitting around after supper talking.

On Saturday, we went to the family cabin for a crawfish boil with the extended family. Watch for alligators. (Note: This may look like where we live, but it is a different Delta lake about 15 minutes from our home, but just as lovely in my opinion, just more alligators, which yes, I agree, takes away lovely points).


Jackson's socializing with all his friends. What a gorgeous, gorgeous day.

Dave is someone's husband from New York. I got to document his first crawfish.

Needs some more pointers on how to suck the head of the crawfish. Wait, I want a few crawfish.

There they are! Wait, those are moving

Right. Cooked crawfish. Much easier to eat. 

Cabin view from the end of the pier. 

First experience of the crawfish hands. 

This is my brother-in-law and I with Little Eagle lake behind us. 

Sisters talking.

Jackson eavesdropping on conversations on the pier. Well, he might be staying cool in the shade, but you know I want to pretend he is human. Because I think he is human. 

Other brother-in-law thinking he might get a bite.

Spanish moss? I believe?

The other side of the lake is where W plants cotton this year.

My uncle took a pic of my cousin. We were trying to get one of those good pictures where you can see everything that's going on behind us in someone's sunglasses.

More chatting gathering.

A fish jumped in.

And then a boat rode up.

It's okay. We know them. 

Two fish in muddy water. 


Fish out of water. And wanting a towel.


Where are you going Jacksey? Wanna get away?

Crawfish, crawfish, crawfish, crawfish. More crawfish.

Bobo what's that?

Big boys playing in the ice chest.


S-I-L and Margie Moo.

The party-throwers--my in-laws.

Get him Bo! 
He actually really likes to be scratched there. 


Oh no. You can see the emotion.

And breakdown.

Cooking burgers in an old shed.

More of the old shed.

Another old shed behind that old shed. 

Egg hunters. 

Announcing something I've never heard of!

I love to grab his turkey chin. The guy is a baby magnet.
Somebody spots something in the water. 
Pop is coming. Apparently an alligator is too close to the pier.

That thing didn't even blink. 

But everyone else did.

This is our little family. 

Cousin love.

My love for my dog might be irksome. But hey, you would be the same way buddy. Ok? Trust me you would. 

Tell me something good.

Grands. Uh, those cheeks are too much. 

Oh it's pinata time? 

Get it Bernie! Crack that egg!

You can do it.

Or we could just stab it on the ground. 

Damn candy is just not coming out. 
Little baby love. 
Wow. No ma'am. It's not time for children yet! Slow down there, overly-excited-by-babies crazy girl. 

And then there was an adult Easter egg hunt. S-I-L found hers.

Just when you think your egg hunting days were over. 

It was fun to look for eggs again. Everyone had to find one egg. 

But then there was 1. 

So we all started pitching in to help the last duckling find his egg. Except for me because I just sat up on this fallen tree and laughed at a bunch of adults looking for one egg. 

Jackson helped.

Once everyone found their egg, they could decide whether they wanted to trade or not. One egg had a hundred. This year's bride got the hundo! Welcome to the family, B! Was jealous but happy she got it. 

And then on top of all that, a birthday! Happy Birthday Meg!

Then we went for a drive in the ranger

Swamps flying past

Fiances riding in the back. 

And the sun's going down.

Guess who sat shotgun and made me sit in the middle. 

No words here. 

Moments of silence. Except for Al Green playing on the ranger

Those clouds. I tell you what

I love the touch of the airplane line too. Nice

Ooooo, even better.

I can't stop--they keep getting better. 

Always wants to be a part of the conversation.

Nighttime falling. 


Cabin at night

I see the moon for sure. 

So a camera could never fully get one of these moments. With the awesome, wispy clouds and the still lake with the line of moon glow on it--the most unbelievable, lowest, fattest, most orange moon I've ever seen. This picture does not even come close my friends. Literally stole my breath away from me.

I just keep trying to capture it. But it was an incredible personal moment. Wish I could share--would have to get some kind of special camera I am sure. 

To wrap up this happy easter, W made me a salmon salad last night. It was DELICIOUS. So good. So impressed with him.
I hope your weekend was fun. If it wasn't, make this next one really really fun. Busy week ahead. Glad I had time to check in with you. Love to you!

Liza Jane

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