Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

It is a good Friday. Everybody's buzzing. I've been in Jackson all day, and it seems like everyone is having fun. It's Easter weekend. I caught some moments on my gorgeous ride home today.
Ultimate symbol of love. Caught this in Benton, MS.

What I did here was just stick my camera face-up out of my sunroof. 
I have such a neat back road I take home from Jackson. Strange, but I'm always wishing it was longer. I ride through the hills out roll right out into the Delta. 

More dangerous sunroof and window shots. 

Green trees. Heaven for me.

Church at the end of our road. Delta Easter. 

Our canadian goose is back, and laying an egg for Easter I believe.  Wonder if you will be able to even see him. I didn't want to get to close for fear that he would a) fly away or b) attack me, as I have been attacked by geese before.
So I hope you have a great Friday. And a shining weekend! Much love to you.

Liza Jane

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