Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Got to Love That Accent

I have so much to say. I feel like I get overwhelmed when I come to my laptop to write my blog. My thoughts go in so many different directions, and I have no idea where to begin. So much has happened, so much to talk about. Today we got up at 5:30 am to go get on a boat to take us out to snorkel on that island in front of us, which is not actually an island but a sunken volcano crater. Lots of fish and coral reef. I know I overuse the word beautiful, so I will say it was divine. I am just in awe at the color and variety here.

One thing I know: People love a southern accent. You may have thought that people think we are stupid, which I have found true a few times in my life, but for the most part, people think it's charming. Where are you from? Love that accent.

From the first day we were here (and our bellman was from Philadelphia, MS), we have been making friends like nobody's business. Mostly, it's all couples from places like Canada and Washington and places very north. They are interested at first, and then they find out we like to talk, and that's when they back away covering their ears. Kidding. And that's when they make a friend. Actually, they are probably more like acquaintances, but I've gotten into some deep ones with some of them, and after that, there's no going back.

I'm going to say it's mostly both of us. I love people most of the time (working on the other part of the time). But if I were forced to write a children's book some day, I would call it Willy the Friendly Fish. And it would be modeled after W, and he would travel the ocean making friends with all kinds of sea creatures all over the place. It would be a little like Curious George, only different.

I might be a little inspired by the snorkeling today too by the way. Nemo crossed my mind about 17 times, and subsequently, the little boy who I babysat who made me watch it about 217 times. If anyone steals my idea, I will find you. It's personal. This is not a joke. Maybe a little, but also serious as well.

I love how friendly my husband is. He makes Casper look like a jerk. Plus, he has way more color than Casper, especially around the sunglasses area (the best raccoon sunburn you've seen in a long time I assure you). So we have chatted it up with people up and down and all around. Adding on to the charm, his accent is as thick as molasses. I don't think I've actually seen molasses before, but I've always heard about them, been curious about them, and heard this phrase, and they must be pretty thick, but not as thick as W's accent.

I want to put pictures up, especially from Hana. But you know the deal with my camera, and for some reason, I haven't gotten any pictures from W's phone that I emailed myself. But whatever, hang loose. That's what everyone has been telling us all over this island, which once again, is so magnificent, I can't believe that I am here.

Oh and I haven't been doing my fortune cookie tag of the day lately. Make everyone your friend! The world needs some friendliness and kindness right now. Bring everybody into your circle. It's worth it.

Liza Jane

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