Monday, February 6, 2012

Highway to H

Okay. Today was the neatest day of my life. I have been a little overstimulated by all the beauty surrounding me. We have been on the Highway to Hana. More like the Highway to Heaven.

I've never seen so many startling waterfalls and trails and hiking and views and great big trees and scary narrow bridges and shades of green and flowers and bamboo. This road is the most spectacular road in the country. Maybe in the world. I've never seen anything like it.

And I took about thirty pictures. And then I slipped on a slippery rock on a trail and dropped my camera. So that was definitely the saddest moment of my day. It's a goner. My camera is no more. We were on our first trail.

So we started using W's phone because we left his camera back at the hotel. And then that died. So we started using my Blackberry, but then that ran of space or something to do with Media card, I don't know. At the end of our journey, which climaxed at a humungous, glorious, jaw-dropping waterfall that we got to get up under and get sprayed by, strangers were getting our email address so they could send us the pics they took from their cameras. I love nice people.

But let's not concentrate on the down, because there was so much up. And some day, we'll go back with a camera.

Right now, I'm worn slap out. I want to share stories, pictures and all. But it will have to wait because I am passging outt assdf I writtee.


Tiredly and a little achingly,
Liza Jane

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