Monday, February 13, 2012


We climbed into a teeny-tiny plane Friday afternoon. One guy (from Texas) greeted us at the teeny-tiny gate. He weighed our bags, checked our IDs, determined our weight, loaded our bags onto the plane, loaded us and the other 6 people onto the plane, locked down the plane, gave a quick rundown of safety instructions, wouldn’t tell us how long he had been flying (freaked me out), and had us off the ground in no time.

The flight was extremely bumpy and a little frightening. I love to fly, an avid traveler. But this made me a little nervy for sure. It was entertaining, though, to fly over Maui, seeing the valleys, volcanoes, and beaches and ocean from above. But I had a pretty good grip on my armrest, and W laughed when he saw my face turn white when we had some irregular turbulence over the Pacific Ocean. We got there in about 35 minutes though. And Captain John did a good job getting us there. I applauded when we landed like he was Rolling Stones during their last concert ever, like he was Elvis, like he told me we had won the lottery.

But I do like to fly. I’m a bird, W’s a fish. We spent the night at a hotel by the Kona seaside, walked around the little touristy area there the next day, sat by the pool, waiting to see B and C, W’s cousin and his wife were flying in from Birmingham. They had a few delays (their gages went out and they had to have an emergency landing). I kept telling people their gauges went out, and I got the most bewildered looks I’ve ever gotten, and I’ve gotten a lot.

We were in this little town, feeling a little bit sorry for our friends on the way, and doing some very in-depth people watching, trying not to spend anymore unnecessary money. We saw some things, met some people, saw some more whales, and finally figured out we just need to somehow get the rental car without B and C. We did, and found our way to the house where we are staying right now. A lovely couple refreshed us with their hospitality when we arrived. They made vegetarian chili (the best I’ve had) for us with a great salad. S and L were so kind to have us—the day that had worn me out biding my time vanished.

Getting to know them that first night and having a nice home to sleep in was a true gift. I was so grateful for these two. I am lucky to say that we have made two wonderful friends. I loved learning about her interesting life and childhood. She grew up in New Guinea and has the most authentic and rejuvenating outlook. She is very loving and kind. He is smart, gracious, energetic and loves plants. You would die to see his yard with all the different trees, plants and flowers. A true garden. I loved it. They both showed me the yard the next morning, and I had a field day. Both are extremely generous. I am so happy these people have come into my life.

B and C finally got here on Sunday morning. We went to a great beach. I loved catching up with C and getting to know her a little better. I ate a delicious burrito, watched the waves crash, got a little tanner, held a bright green parrot (the prettiest one I’ve ever seen  up close—well, the only one I’ve seen up close I think).

I am in to my book like nobody’s business right now though. I become anti-social sometimes on the beach because my book has jumped up and pulled me right into the story. I’m reading Conquistadora by Esmrelda Santiago, and it’s getting good. I’m sure it’s annoying to the people around me, but I can’t stop. So I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do. I will finish it soon. And that’s that.

Today, the guys went scuba diving, and C and I went to a little town to the north. We had a great meal, walked around the shops, and I found something I will always love but couldn’t get right now. Some day I will find a way to get it. It is a sterling silver (warm color—almost looks gold) bracelet that is a plumeria leaf. Some day I’ll show it to you! And you will agree with me that it is the best looking item you’ve laid your eyes on. Well, maybe not quite that far. But I think it’s gorgeous.

Anyway, you may start calling me that camera killer. I have lost W’s camera. Guess where I left it? On the munchkin plane. So we haven’t been taking pictures here either. Yay! I think someone up there does not want us to document this film. I’m talking about my absentminded mind. I know that phrase doesn’t make sense, but you get my drift. We tracked it down finally, and we are going to get it tonight from the airport. I’m happy because W really loved that camera. Why? It’s an underwater camera. Of course.

We are going before we go to supper at the Four Seasons tonight for our Valentine’s Day dinner. Should be a good time.

Loving our company, loving our hosts, our place of stay, our lives!

Be thankful for the people that come into your life to teach you.

Liza Jane 

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  1. Hi Liza! This is the third time I've tried to post a comment and wordpress seems to be having difficulty with me :) If *this* one doesn't work I'll somehow or another get in touch! Thank you for your very kind words. It was lovely getting to know you and Will too, and hanging out with you both and Bob and Carly was awesome. I'm glad you're happy to be home and gearing up for the planting. Soon it will be fave season in the South when almost o'night things change from brown to green...Give Jackson a pat from me.. 'Next February!' My new mantra :) xx Lisa