Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to W

It is a special day. My spouse is now 28. (He actually turned 28 yesterday, but it was a busy day, and I wasn't feeling too hot so let's pretend). My post today is tribute to my husband, who has truly changed my life. In a lot of different ways.

Just to show how cute he is...
W jumping up and down at our wedding last July.
Notice everyone having an awesome time around my husband, lots of laughing and smiling.

I'm running the risk of embarrassing him. But he should know...

If you know my man, you know that he is a darling person. As shown in those first two pictures, my husband is the most fun. People who are around him are always having a good time. His smile and laugh are bright and contagious. He will pull you in with his playful charm, and before you know it, you will feel better and happier than before. He is simply uplifting, a happiness spreader. He lightens up everything.

And we were lucky enough to find each other. The smirking guy with the dark hair to the right of W's shoulder is my cousin. Today is his birthday too. Happy Birthday dear Eric!
Look at that sweet smile. Love those cheeks.
In the middle of my wild and rebellious single days at Ole Miss in 2008, this man smiled at me and caught my attention from across the room. Later, he found me.

W: What are you doing?
Me: I don't know. What are you doing?
W: Whatever you're doing. 
Me: (laughing) Good answer.

That's how the whole thing got going. That was my first encounter with the pleasing charisma and innocent charm of the guy who would become my partner. I didn't know it then, but I had snagged a special fellow. And he had snagged me--which was not an easy feat back then because I was right in the middle of spreading my wings--to add to his praise. 

Still having a great time together.
Sunday night at my friend Virginia's apartment in New Orleans, I gave him his cake. I wanted show him how much I care. (Virginia is sending a video of the cake incident that she happened to get on her iPhone so stay tuned--will probably post tomorrow.) It was a great time. Riding on the city of New Orleans never fails, especially for a birthday.

Our friend Janna drinking something called Shark Attack. Special ingredient: the blood of an innocent victim. 
SV, me, and VW riding around NO. Living where I do has generated a new appreciation of girlfriends and girlfriend time together. I drink up every second with my amazing friends. 
We went to an awesome restaurant Casamento's for some raw oysters, or ersters as the true cajuns say, as SV so kindly pointed out to me. 

Mike, the oyster guy, keeping us entertained as we waited for a table. 
So today, I want to say happy birthday and thank you to my husband for making my life so a) fun and b) rich and c) wonderfully beautiful. He has brought so much love. I don't know where I would be without him, literally. Just pretty glad he was born. 

Liza Jane

PS: Happy happy birthday to Eric and W's grandmother and my great grandfather who would have been 110 today! Some great people born at this time. 

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