Friday, February 10, 2012

Leaving Wailea

Today is our last day at the hotel we have come to know as our temporary home for the last 10 days. This morning, we are tearfully packing up our things in preparation to say goodbye to Maui. Our flight leaves this evening for the Big Island, which is confusing because we are so unbelievably excited about that.

First off, I want to bid farewell to our new pets on the balcony. Some kind of quail mixture bird, a bird with a red-feathered head, the ones with the orange eyes and curved beaks, and our duck friend. The first day we were here, I was reminiscing about Jackson (golden retriever not the city). I was feeling like I wish my dog were here to press his huge head into my leg. And that's when this old, fat duck waddled up. I have a picture of him on my camera, but who knows if it will ever perform again.

Then he wouldn't leave. When we came back from the beach, he was there sitting by the bars of our balcony. We thought he knew we missed our pet and came to comfort us. But then some bread crumbs came from the balcony above, and we figured out what was going on.

I want to, of course, say aloha to the bathhouse, especially the waterfall shower. And lastly, goodbye to the lemongrass mules. A few days ago, we decided to use our coupon for the bar in the hotel restaurant. We came across something called a Lemongrass Mule. Moscow Mules are always my go-to drink in places with really fancy drinks like Holland House in East Nashville or that other one on Broadway in midtown (can't believe I can't remember the name). But this one was made with Kai Lemongrass Vodka with a ginger and lime house-made club soda. There was also a piece of lemongrass that you can chew on like sugarcane. I love lemongrass.

When I tasted it, it was right up my alley. Those of you who know me know that the Vodka Club Soda is my go-to at bars. But this one with lemongrass and ginger and lime club soda? I had a fit! Needless to say, those are dangerous for me. It's a good thing we didn't figure out they were there beforehand. I'm a little glad to be getting away from that wicked treat.

But we are grateful to have had the time here at this place. It was lovely and perfect for us really. We hope to stay here again some day soon in the near future.

I want so badly to tell some stories, but W is over there talking about which suitcase we are going to put dirty clothes in and what we are going to do with some of the groceries we have bought. I need to help him out.

Let me just get a little news cap in for you: we have climbed through a dark cave, hiked all over northeastern Maui, danced under huge waterfalls, gotten knocked out by big waves, seen whales doing tricks right off the beach, hung out at a nude beach (seriously), snorkeled in a volcano crater, driven through multiple climate changes in a 5-hour span, biked down a volcano (with climate changes also), seen waves as tall as our house, seen sea turtles doing it in a place called turtle town, seen whales spout water as they made love also, W saw a shark under water (snuba diving) and also heard whale calls while under water, seen some of the prettiest views we've ever seen in ever, seen all kinds of traditions and dances and food of Polynesia at a luau last night, eaten A LOT of Macadamia Nuts, and had some of best sushi, and coconut ice cream we've ever had ever, seen the best sunrise we've ever seen too.

I'll have to tell stories when I get in a spot and mood where I can appropriately do these experiences justice. And have the time. But we have to check out, then we are going to drive around West Maui, then catch a flight to Kona.

We are thankful for all these places we have passed through and what they have shown us and meant to us. Have a great day! And a wonderful weekend!

Liza Jane

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