Thursday, October 11, 2012

All My Exes Live in Texas

"...and that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee!" My grandfather Pawpaw loved that song. 

Actually, all my exes live in Tennessee, and I hang my hat in Mississippi, and I'm rambling on to Texas this afternoon.

I've never been to Austin. Although, I did think about moving there for a week after college (I also thought about Buenos Aires, New York, DC, Paris, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Dallas, Peru, San Fran, Charleston, Madrid and Birmingham). Ended up hanging my hat in Nashville. Some of those places were a little too far away from the farm. Something about Austin, a city I had never been to, attracted me. And now I get to go there! For what? 

Music of course. Although Will is sick to his stomach about leaving the farm right smack in the middle of all that's going on with cotton and peanuts, we're making it happen. We wanted to go to a music festival together in a place we had always wanted to go to. It so happens that they thoughtlessly arranged the dates in the middle of harvest.

But we're going through with it, even though we made these plans in May and thought harvest would be over by now. Life is funny. Who knows what would happen if we had put it off? It might never happen--that's what could happen. Now or never. 

Some of my favorite bands are playing. 


Black Keys
Florence + The Machine are fantastic live. I was floating for a month after that last one I saw. And I am on pins and needles to see the Black Keys. And the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been shaking me since I was nine. There's also the Alabama Shakes, Jack White, and many more. All in one place!

Our duty as avid music fans is go and and listen and scream and sing and dance and jump up and down (that might only be me). Because I'm a big time fan. And then also to support the arts, to hear new music live, something that does not happen very often around here (we've got natural music). I've just got to have it.

Indulging in your favorite fine art (although fashion and literature are also very necessary too and visual art is making its debut in my life at the moment) is like going to the spa for the day. Add that to one of your favorite hobbies like travel, and you will get juiced up. 

Liza Jane

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