Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goodbye to Sandra Dee

A blog of prayer....

The Eastern Seaboard--the most populated area in the nation--has had a head-on collision with a not-so-innocent storm they decided to call Sandy.

Flooding, power outages, fires, damage, transportation systems disrupted and maimed, businesses and lives put on hold. The worst are the human injuries and the death toll, which hopefully will not rise above 38. 

Courtesy of the Associated Press

It's interesting that just when you think America is as dual as it gets with two main parties battling each other for power all the freaking time, something like this happens to America's central line. Everyone is together, and everything stops. The government stops, the Stock Exchange stops, the tedious presidential campaign stops. It's like someone who is really in charge said: Shut up already! Stop all your fighting!

So I want to pray. I want to pray for every single soul affected by Sandy. Please please never undermine the power of prayer. I want to pray for this country, for the chosen leader, for the survivors of the storm, and for those that did not survive. May there be healing for everybody and everything injured.

And I pray that this storm is not used by any journalist or politician for political advantage. It's time to be real. I think prayer and compassion are two of the fastest routes to freedom and authenticity. Let's come together in addressing God. 

"Hold your head high, Take a deep breath and sigh..Goodbye to Sandra Dee"

Liza Jane

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