Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mississippi You're On My Mind

For all the singing I do about Nashville, I was born in this state. Mississippi is my true home. Yes, my adolescent years that I remember the best were spent in Nashville. But Mississippi is my native land. 

From the funky Native American names of towns and rivers to the obsession with fried food, I love this state. It is truly different from any other place on this earth. For one thing, this place gave birth to America's music! How can you not love that? And for a second thing, the natural beauty is something that takes my breath away every day.

You've got agriculture, food, music, natural beauty, country living. What else can we ask for?

Nothing. God love it. 

Yes, there are issues. And the good people here will handle with grace. I know the future holds beautiful things for Mississippi. I'm not just being my overly optimistic self. It's true. We are supported abundantly. 

All you need is love. We won't give up. 

Liza Jane

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