Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spell on You

Happy Halloween!

I don't think we'll be getting any trick-or-treaters this year...the dirt road might be a little too long for most. So I'll wear my little witch hat. Then we'll probably try to watch a scary movie, as long as we don't get too scared.

You know what? Sometimes I think it's good to get scared. Maybe it puts us in touch with that part of us that's fearful, that needs some love and attention. Maybe we can accept that fear and turn the energy of that feeling into love. That's real magic. The transformation of fear into power. 

Our house tonight...

Hey, I know what you're thinking! I love Halloween. How dare you! But here's the deal: Halloween is a city holiday. Besides for the nightly howling coyotes and the creepy little cats everywhere and the pitch black darkness and owls hooing and full moon with wind whistling through the trees and bats winging around, the country ain't where you find Halloween. There aren't enough trick-or-treaters and parties.

But we'll be having our own little party, and maybe some candy. Who am I kidding? Of course we'll be eating candy...I married the candyman himself. 

Stay safe tonight, whatever you're doing! 

Liza Jane

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