Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Everlasting Light

So many people. Were all over the place. At Austin City Limits. This past weekend.

Talk about supporting the arts. This is real support. This is love.

I've never seen so many fresh-faced hipsters. 

Fresh-faced hipsters
And I've never heard such beautifully inventive music.

Black Keys singing "Everlasting Light"-- a humungous disco ball came down and made all that light shine from the stage
Florence (whoa), Black Keys, Jack White, Neil Young, Avett Brothers and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (whoaa) were our among the bands that rocked our chairs. 

I don't know I can't really say much else. It's one of those experiences when as a writer you want to convey everything, but you just can't.

So I guess I'll just talk about the other things that also inspired me:

We went to a Vietnamese French restaurant called Elizabeth Street. This is a shrimp spring roll, and it was incredible 

I had a mushroom tofu on French bread.

This was Will's

Espresso Cream Puff and Cinnamon Curry Macaroon --yeah
Also, Elizabeth St. had jasmine Arnold Palmers that made me forget my dog's name. 

Just kidding Jackson! Could never forget you, sweet thang
Oh and Natalie Portman sat at the table next to me, 3 feet away. I was pretty star struck, but that did not stop me from consuming everything they put in front of me. 

Loved Austin. Knew I would. Yes, please keep Austin weird. We'll be back.

Traveling with your spouse is always a team-builder. Will we make the flight? How much should we tip? Where's this? What time is that?

It's those stresses that make us stronger. That's real fun right there.

So here's to stress? No I won't. Here's to fun!

Liza Jane

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